I. Introduction

1. These terms of use are integral part of KidsCodr course enrollment application (further: Application) and they set the relationship between the Course provider and the Student. The course provider (further: Provider) is:

Check IT, s.r.o.
Zastranie 278
010 03 Zilina

IČO: 46 707 719
DIČ: 2023538165
IČ-DPH: SK2023538165

2. The Provider provides education services in the field of information technologies and has all the personal and material capacities needed to provide learning sessions in this field (further: Education services).

3. Student interested in using these Educational services can use these services only by him/herself and cannot be replaced by different person during the education process.

II. Educational service characteristics

1. By Educational service we understand educational course in the field of information technologies - "KidsCodr" (further: "course"). The main goal of KidsCodr platform is to provide students with practical understanding of latest technologies in the area of web and mobile development. During Course Student participates on projects depending on particular assignment.

III. The rights and responsibilities of Provider and Student

1. Provider contracts to provide student with access to all technical materials and methodics needed during the course enrollment. Provider is obliged to provide every Student with all necessary study materials needed to complete particular course.

IV. Scholarship and payment conditions

1. Course prices follow current pricings published on website www.kidscodr.com on the date of purchase.

2. Student is obliged to pay deposit in advance by the final date of admission round. The deposit fee equals to 50% of the course price. Once student's deposit is payed, the application is firm. The remaining fee needs to be payed by the course start date.

V. Course termination conditions

1. The relationship between Provider and Student is ended upon course completion and payment of total course price. However, it is possible to end the relationship before the education period is finished by:

a) written agreement between Provider and Student,
b) one-way termination of education process done by Student,
c) widthdrawal of Student fulfilling conditions stated in these Terms of use.

One-way termination done by Student

Student is allowed to terminate the education process based on his/her own written announcement in his/her own name addressed to Provider. The date of the announcement delivery will be the date when the relationship between Student and Provider is terminated. The fact that student was or was not using the Educational services does not have any impact on the judgement of the case of education termination.

Once one-way termination is done by Student, the Student does not have any right to request course refund.

Student widthdrawal

Student is able to widthdraw from the educational process if the Provider loses the rights to provide educational services stated in Terms of service.
In case of widthdrawal from the educational process the Provider will refund the aliqot part of course price for the remaining period of course duration starting with the date of widthdrawal, following the same conditions as for one-way relationship termination done by Student.

VI. Complaint order

1. Online course

KidsCodr provides 14 day satisfaction guarantee. Once student is not satisfied with Educational services, he/she has right to write a letter of complaint and have it delivered to our address within 14 day period since the date of purchase and we will provide full refund.

2. Payment and course enrollment

Student has the right to enroll the course upon successfull payment. If the course is not accessible upon successfull payment, it is necessary to contact the Provider and he is obliged to provide the access to the course.

VII. Personal data protection

By registration the participant in compliance of the national law on personal data protection agrees with processing of personal data used for educational process organization, agenda and marketing purposes.

VIII. Final provisions

1. Provider and Student both agree, that their relationship based on stated conditions is ruled by the provisions of law #513 [1991] as stated in Commercial law.

2. The invalidity of any of the statemets included in these terms of service does not cause the invalidity of remaining statements, as they are not affected by the reasons of this invalidity.

3. All future changes and additions to these terms of services are only possible upon written initiative.