What is KidsCodr?

KidsCodr is an educational platform for teaching kids (6+) principles of programming, algorithimical thinking and game development.

What does KidsCodr offer?

KidsCodr offers various education materials that are conceptually prepared from total beginning to advanced techniques. There are available various format like video, .pdf, source code and many more.

Who is KidsCodr for?

KidsCodr is aimed for teachers and parents that want to teach kids basics of programming and game development. Courses are designed for kids from 6 years old, for teaching a playful way.

Is KidsCodr suitable for total beginners?

Yes, there are courses designed for beginners and courses with more advanced topics. By each course description is stated age and level of the course.

How can I sign up a kid for a course?

All courses are online, just join the course via web and you'll get access to all the resourses.

Do I have to pay for the course?

A lot of courses are for free, although there are also premium (paid) courses. You will see the information about price in the course description.

Are the courses aimed directly for kids?

Yes, kids can directly signup and self-study all the courses. Second target group are teachers and parents, they can use KidsCodr educational materials for their lessons.

Do you offer during the course any support?

Yes, there is a support in discussion available from our community or students signed in the course.

Are there any certificate after course graduation?

No, but they will create an amazing game, app or program a robot.

Is there possibility to publish my own course on KidsCodr?

Yes, of course, we will be happy to work with innovative teachers, just send us an email with information about your course at info@kidscodr.com and after that we discuss the details.