Hi, so you know Scratch already?

  • You know variables, loops, conditions, you're able to make your own blocks of code,
  • you enjoy it, and want to see deeper into the machine? 

This is a course for you! Together, we'll experience how simpler 2D arcade games are programmed.

What will you know?

  • basic syntax of the JavaScript Language using P5 environment,
  • write and edit the code with your keyboard,
  • organize the files in your operating system,
  • work with colors, graphics, sprites and animation,
  • basics of 2D arcade game logic (game loop, sprites, collision handling, 2D physics, ...),
  • make use of your math, geometry, physics knowledge,
  • small pieces on web technologies (html code).

What you'll be able to create

  • write an interactive picture sketch,
  • make your own simple arcade game,
  • load an image, animation, sound in your program.

  • suitable for children 11 - 14 years old
  • basic knowledge of Scratch programming required


Age: 11 and more
Skill level: beginner


Marián Staňo

Marián Staňo