This course teaches in 15 units how to program the NAO robot with Choregraph. Children over 10 years as well as teachers immerse themselves in the world of humanoid robotics, get to know the potential of the NAO and how to use it for their own presentations.

The NAO is one of the most advanced humanoid robots for education purpose. It has 25 motors, two high-resolution video cameras as well as WiFi on board and captures its surroundings by various sensors. In addition to speech, face and object recognition, the NAO robot can also communicate multilingual. Programming is possible in different environments and languages. Despite the high level of technical development, programming this robot is easy even for beginners.

The course will introduce you to NAO programming step by step. The development environment used is Choregraph. After explaining the concepts required for the corresponding unit, their usage will be demonstrated on the basis of example projects.

Course Contents

  • Getting to know hardware, handling and configuration of NAO
  • Using Choregraphe
  • Making the first programming steps
  • Creating parallel flows
  • Adapting existing boxes
  • Using animations during speech
  • Moving around
  • Repeating actions
  • Creating your own boxes
  • Creating your own libraries
  • Reacting to sensor events
  • Using branches
  • Using trackers
  • Integrating speech recognition
  • Creating dialogs
  • Integrating face recognition
  • Using Naomarks
  • Creating your own animations
  • Saving and retrieving data
  • Installing applications and activating autostart


Age: 10 and more
Skill level: beginner


Bernhard Löwenstein

Bernhard Löwenstein