In this online videocourse we will be learning how to program games in a very popular programming language Scratch. After completing this course you will be able to create awesome games, animations available for playing online or on tablet.

What you will learn

  • tools and resources of Scratch,
  • programming in the Scratch environment (cycles, conditions, variables, procedures, etc.),
  • make your own games and animations.

What will I be able to make?

  • move and control with character,
  • make an animated story,
  • create various animations, sounds and score table for the game
  • code your own game.

Minimal requirements

  • online course is for kids 9-12 years old,
  • basic computer control and work with computer mouse.


Age: 9 and more
Skill level: beginner


Ľuboš Jaroš

Ľuboš Jaroš