This course teaches programming with Lego EV3 Mindstorms in 12 units.  Children over 8 years discover the exciting world of robotics and programming in a playful way.

The Lego EV3 sets include a controller, multiple sensors and actuators and a set of components that allow to design and program a robot.

The main focus is not only on the software-based programming of simple robots, but also leads to the autonomous conversion or cultivation of the basic robot.

This curriculum does not contain complete programming instructions, but is designed to challenge the programmer to progress on the principle of trial and error and, above all, to gain a basic understanding of any kind of programming. There are small impulses for each unit, which brings the programmer on the right track. 

Contents of the course:

  • Benefits of robots
  • Graphical programming of robots
  • Basics of sensor technology
  • Simple program structures
  • Constructivist learning
  • Teamwork

Why EV3?

  • Entry into the world of coding by means of graphical programming
  • An easy-to-understand and down to the basics programming environment
  • Variety of possibilities that appeals to beginners and professionals alike


Age: 8 and more
Skill level: beginner