Children aged 4 and over are given a playful introduction to the world of information technology. The award-winning floor robots are characterized by a simple and child-friendly design. They are programmed using the buttons on their backs.

In addition to spatial perception, Bee-Bots also train the sequencing ability. In addition, working with the various game activities offers a broad field to link science and communication with the promotion of literacy and numeracy.

In the building-up units 1-6, the basic functions of the Bee-Bot are taught and practiced through games and activities.

In the special units 7-12, various separate topics, such as mathematics, language, geography and traffic education, are treated. By playing with the Bee-Bots different skills are promoted.

What you will learn in the course:

  • What is a robot and why does it move on its own?
  • What does programming mean?
  • How can I move my Bee-Bot in the desired direction?
  • How can I solve a programming task creatively?

What you will experience with your Bee-Bot

  • an exciting treasure hunt
  • a wild car race
  • a visit to jungle animals
  • funny mathematics and language games
  • a big honey collecting contest
  • a trip around the world through foreign countries
  • and many more games and adventures


Age: 5 and more
Skill level: beginner


Pia Brüner

Pia Brüner