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Information technology is gradually getting into all spheres of our life and we can hardly imagine exist without them. Despite all this, 23% of the population in Europe has no digital skills. In the work sphere digital skills are needed in almost 90% of job positions and companies will be lacking 900 000 IT specialists by 2020.

Despite the fact that this trend is growing, education reflects these changes very slowly and digital skills training in schools alarmingly absent. There may be many reasons, from our experience it is mainly the lack of teaching materials and teachers do not have sufficient digital skills.

Our mission is to bring the digital skills education to our youngest generation and let them leverage this knowledge for their success.

We want to solve these problems with KidsCodr project in which we will create a complete training curriculum to teach digital skills for children in age 6-14 years. The curriculum is divided into two parts.

The software part where learning takes place in various programs, applications or directly in the programming language. This part will be composed of the training modules like Junior Scratch, Scratch, Kodulab, MIT App Inventor, Javascript and Games Minecraft.

The hardware part is focused on programming robots and hardware, and this allows students to receive immediate feedback on their work in a real environment (move of the robot, activate functions, etc.). In this section we will focus on Bee-Bot robots, Lego Mindstorm EV3, Nao robots and Arduino.

'The content of all training modules will be made in text form (guide book 100-150 pages), videos (about 15 per 1 module) and the necessary annexes (source code, other assets attached). All components of the project will be localized in 4 languages: English, German, Slovak and Czech.'

Important part of the project is a web application KidsCodr, which will unite at a glance all the educational materials and will be available to all course participants for free. Students and teachers will use it for self-study, problem solving discussions or draft new study material for the given topics.

Our goal is to build an active community that will participate in the long-term development of the project. We are looking forward to our cooperation, cheer to coding :)


Project partnership is build with the focus to cover all needed competences to execute the project. For main of them we considere the know-how and experience in computer science education specially with the kids from 6-14 year old. Competence in creation of various curriculums and study materials is also important. We also cover all the technological competence to create an educational platform as an web application.

  • Check IT s.r.o. Zástranie 278, 01003 Žilina, Slovenská Republika
  • Institut fur Forderung IT Nachwuchses (IFIT) Vogelsangweg 4, 3270 Scheibbs, Austria
  • Jednota školských informatiku (JSI) V Úžlabině 320/23, Prague, Česká Republika
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SAAIC - Slovak National Association for International Collaboration

  • Co-funded byt the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
  • Name of the project: KidsCodr - we teach kids progamming
  • Id of the project: 2016-1-SK01-KA201-022606
  • Coordinator of the project: Check IT s.r.o., Zástranie 278, 01003 Žilina, Slovakia