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Everything depends on technology and programming will be an essential skill for the future of every child. KidsCodr are using parents, teachers and even kids themself.

Our kids are not stupid, they intuitively know, that the school should be a gate to the future and technology will be a part of their future life. When they don't find the technologies in school, they protest against in various ways.

Roman baranovic

Roman Baranovič

School Director

I am very recommending KidsCodr courses. Kids are learning basic programming concepts and understanding of all connections in it. They've got a space for creativity, they learn to get an attention to detail and develop their logical thinking. Creation of their own app or game is for my kids a challenge, that is prefered before passive youtube watching.

Lucia marko

Lucia Marková


My son Maxim is 8 years old a is a big fan of programming. After graduation of Scratch course, he was absolutely amazed, full of impressions, advantures and even full of knowledge. I can recommend KidsCodr to all paternts, they have kids interested in computers and programming. You won't regret.

Milan istvan

Milan Ištván


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